Creation of an innovative agricultural enterprise for the cultivation of strawberries based on the method of hydroponics
Posted on 27.12.2017 / 1015

Brief description of the project
The main goal of this project is the creation of an innovative agricultural enterprise for the cultivation of strawberries on the basis of the method of hydroponics using the latest world technologies. The method is to grow plants without using soil, as an alternative to which are mineral solutions containing nutrients necessary for plant growth. The method for half a century since the introduction was significantly improved and excellently proved itself in a number of developed countries of the West and the Arab world. Among the notable players in the world agriculture market were countries whose soils are practically not adapted for traditional crop production – Israel, UAE, Kuwait. In greenhouse cultivation in northern latitudes, hydroponics also shows excellent results when the hothouses have additional light to compensate for the lack of daylight. Nevertheless, in Russia the hydroponic method is poorly represented on an industrial scale, and in the farms that practice it, the technology, as a rule, is not fully observed.
The project provides for the creation of a new agricultural enterprise on a land plot of 3.2 hectares, where greenhouses with an area of ​​1 hectare will be located, own energy complex, boiler room, premises for a computer control system, a sorting and packing workshop, water and fertilizer preparation and loading / unloading facilities goods and office space.

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