Production of meat and sheepskin wool
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Development of the sheep breeding industry in the Kosubovsky Region, Staraupol Province.
The purpose of the project is to set up a sheep breeding company to produce meat and wool from sheep –
The main herd is 2000.
Sheep, wool
100% supply of forage required
Meat – 62924 kg during the year
Wool 24000 kg per year
Location of the project: Russia, Stavropol, 95 km from Warsaw, 327 km from Krasnodar, 410 km from Rostov.
Land area -2000 hectares
The total cost of the project is 260 million rubles = 4.33 million dollars
Investment in the project is 195 million rubles = $ 3.25 billion
The value of the stock is 65 million rubles = $ 1.08 million post-financing
The repayment period is 61 months (5 years and 1 month)

Investment phase 9 months
Production period 1 year

Construction development includes:
5 parts of animals each with a capacity of 400 heads;
Maternity delivery of pregnant sheep (equipped with heating);
Housing lentils for feeding and artificial growth;
Housing improvement and repair of the herd;
Niches for delivery of pregnant sheep (equipped with heating);
Shells for sheep
Artificial insemination point;
Sheep breeding point;
Citrus ware (nutrition housing);
Why places
Fertilizer storage tank;
Storage areas for storage of goods – Refrigerated rooms;
• Health Checkup
Disinfection point
Sewage Pump Station
Building for animal husbandry complexes;
In addition, the organization of road construction will be.

Significant :
Considering the possibilities of the investor, it is possible to examine the project and change it;

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