Investments: “Water supply of secluded villages in South-Eastern Crimea”
Posted on 27.12.2017 / 1003

The secluded villages of the Crimea experience a chronic shortage of drinking water.

Groundwater resources in the adjacent territories are significant and are at an acceptable distance from the settlements (5-11 km).

The required amount of investment in geological exploration (2-9) is about 58% of the total, which is 801174 dollars.

Consequently, the development of communications (with the exception of Rybachie) will require about $ 530,160, and the total investment is $ 138,134.0.0 excluding VAT.

The development of projects and the construction of water pipes and power lines are carried out by specialized enterprises.

Expected results: The project is not only investment, but also innovative – it is the first link in the chain of subsequent interconnected changes in the external services market, which can only be estimated roughly.

The commercial component of the project is a daily supply of 2,600 cubic meters of water to the consumer.

Term of the project from the beginning of financing – 12 months.

The price of water and the return on investment.

Price of water is negotiable: the investor has the right to take into account their interests by setting the value of the contract price.

Socio – economic importance of the project: contributes to the effective sustainable development of the services market.

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