The Vishnovy Sad Project
Posted on 27.12.2017 / 1029

The Project “Construction of residential apartment buildings with integrated maintenance objects and underground parking in the Kirov Street and Rechnaya Street neighbourhood of the city of Yalta, AR of Crimea”.

This project is called “Cherry Garden”. In this project, there are 4 16-storey buildings on a very large area and underground parking lots in each of these buildings with designs for a variety of industrial contours.
This group of buildings is located 900 meters from the sea in the mountain range. Each of these windows opens from the side of Badri and on the other side towards the mountains. The total number of apartments is 420 with a total area of ​​34014 square meters. The business area is 3175 square meters. In the project, these apartments are ready to be sold without internal walls without flooring. In the whole building, only the outer walls are made to determine the area of ​​each apartment.
This kind of sales plan is both for the owner of the building and for the cheaper and more affordable buyers, because every buyer wants to make Arteman with his own project.

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