Establishment of dairy farming with a capacity of 8,300,000 liters per yea
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A summary of the project on the production and marketing of cow’s milk

Animal husbandry development – keeping and breeding, milk production, milk production and productivity based on existing companies for product development.

Land area -2500 hectares

The purpose of this project is:

Establishment of dairy farming with a capacity of 8300000 liters per year in the Kochubovsky Region, Staraupol Province.

Products: Milk

The main herd is 1000 heads.

100% supply of forage required.

The subsidy rate for milk production

Every kilogram. Sell ​​or ship for your processing of cow’s milk

From the federal budget – 1.65 rubles

Pays Of the regional budget – 0.118 rubles,

Location of the project: Russia, Stavropol, 95 km from Warsaw, 327 km from Krasnodar, 410 km from Rostov.

The total cost of the project is 430 million rubles = $ 7.16 million

Investments in the project amounted to 322 million rubles = $ 5.367 million

Stock value 107.5 million rubles = 1.79 million dollars post-financing

The repayment period is 64 months (5 years and 4 months)

The maintenance phase should be 9 months.

Fertility cycle of 1.5 years.

Full cycle is 2 years and 3 months.

Construction development includes:

5 parts of animal housing each with a capacity of 200 heads with accommodation and with milking equipment;

Housing for calves;

The vagina;

Why places

Heifers and artificial insemination; group breeding grounds;

Housing baby calves;

Fertilizer storage tank;

Health inspection area;

Disinfection point;

Sewage pump station;


Storage areas for storage of goods – Refrigerated rooms;

Building for animal husbandry complexes;

In addition, the organization of road construction will be.

significant :

Considering the possibilities of the investor, it is possible to examine the project and change it;

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