Construction of an innovative «Oil extraction plant with capacity of 450 tons per day for processing oilseed rape and sunflower»
Posted on 27.12.2017 / 1048

The main direction of Novoaleksandrovsky creamery is production of high-quality sunflower oil with Investment and Industrial Company Translogistik trademarks, this oil from the best sunflower seeds, which were reaped on the Novoaleksandrovsk fields, Stavropol region, Russian Federation. Storage enterprise capacities allow conducting round-the-clock preparation of raw materials of 1,500 tons per day, with bringing seeds to parameters necessary for stowage. Production plant capacities will be able to process 450 tons of sunflower seeds per day, and make premium sunflower oil. Production process of a complete cycle provides: cold two-level pressing of oil seeds with extruders and packing in Polyethylene terephthalate bottles. It would be desirable to see in the future development of our cooperation and implementation of export supply of vegetable oil to Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, the Netherlands, Germany and Great Britain.

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