Wind farm power plant
Posted on 27.03.2018 / 1403

Wind farm power plant

Nominal power 50 Mega-watts

Based on the site wind potential studies which was presented in early 2015 to Renewable Energy Organization in Ministry of Energy

The total Generated Electrical power is guaranteed to be bought by MOE/SUNA for
20 years, meanwhile for the first 10 years of production

The governmental guarantees will be initiated upon the starting time of the
project building operations.

Following section are calculated:

  1. Estimated Cost of the Project
    2. Estimated Annual Income
    3. Project Timeline
    4. Risks, Benefits and Estimated IRR
    5. Conclusion

Total project costs in USD 75,000,000

Power capacity factor (CF) of our Wind Farm is assumed not to be less than

Total estimated time for implementing the project will take 18 to 24 month

After this period the selling contract with SUNA / MOE will be started and will continue for next 20 years.
Clean energy, produced by this project do not need raw materials, therefore the investor will not meet any risk of raw materials Costs rate-change in life time of the project.

Estimated Cash Flow

Total invested money during the first 2 years will be recovered in less than 5 years after running the project.