Unfinished hotel in the village of Solnechnoe (Feodosia)
Posted on 27.12.2017 / 1020

Sunny, this is a small village located at the Black Sea for a distance of 5 km. on the south-west side of the city of Feodosia, next to the federal highway. The local population, these places are called “Golden Sands”. The holiday season starts from May and lasts until October. Beach sand and water in these places is very clean. Despite the fact that around a lot of hotels, in summer, in the holiday season, vacant places are hard to find. There are attractions, dolphinariums, dance floors, many cafes and restaurants. Despite the set, the place is very calm.

In connection with the transition of the Crimea to Russia, there were unfinished hotels, owners of which are in Ukraine and are ready to sell them. One of which, we offer for purchase with the prospect of completion and development of tourism. This is a 5-storey hotel with a ground floor at a distance of 25 meters from the sea.

On the ground floor, a cafe-dining room, a security room, an administrator’s office, a warehouse and a garage for yacht parking are designed. The other five floors have different rooms, for families with rest and a suite and a junior suite for several beds. A total of 70 seats.

The preliminary cost of the sale, offered $ 500,000.

Pictures of the building taken in winter 2016 are enclosed.

Russaria LC
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